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"I received your book this morning and I am blown away! I see myself on almost every page (sobering).
Lots to think about." — Julie

When did good parenting become so exhausting?

When did it become crucial to be perfect?

After 30 years listening to hundreds of people with young children, clinical psychologist Renée Mill determined that the major complaint of parents is fatigue. Moreover, they are making choices about parenting styles based on beliefs that can be misguided and result in unnecessary stress. She identifies 6 myths that are at the centre of current parenting behaviours and gives practical advice applicable to all mums and dads.

No Sweat Parenting re-energises parents by helping them to stop berating themselves. This practical and easy to follow guide will make parenting a positive and rewarding experience. Enjoy your time with your children and by following Renée's advice, watch them grow into happy and emotionally secure young adults.

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