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Key to Emotion Management with Renée Mill

Emotions can be wonderful. Emotions can lift you up and make the world seem like a beautiful place. Emotions can also feel terrible and make the world look like a dark place.

For the sake of ease, I will be referring to emotions, feelings and moods interchangeably as if they are the same thing even though technically there are differences. For most of us, we simply experience feelings on a daily basis because we are humans and are capable of thought and feelings at a deep level.

Common upsetting emotions include hostile or angry feelings like:

Anger, hostility, annoyance, disgust, fury, hate, impatience, irritation, outrage, resentment, vengefulness.

Common upsetting emotions can also include anxious or upsetting feelings like:

Fear, shame, betrayal, bitterness, boredom, abandonment, confusion, criticised, crushed, disappointed, discouraged, disillusioned, disoriented, embarrassed, emptiness, exploited, failure, frustration, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, humiliation, hurt, inadequacy, insulted, invisibility, jealousy, loneliness manipulated, misunderstood, neediness, neglected, shock, overwhelmed, pained, panicky, desperate, patronised, regretful, rejected, sad, self-piteous, stifled, stupid, threatened, trapped, unappreciated, unfulfilled, unloved, victimised, weakness, vulnerability, worn out, worn down.


Feelings are very powerful. Once you are in the grip of a feeling you can become a different person, you can feel and act in ways that are not your usual style. Remember the first time you fell passionately in love. You could not think straight. You could not study. You stayed out all night. You drove too fast. You betrayed your best friend. Unconstrained passion can do that.

Too much excitement can also interfere with your ability to focus and fulfil tasks. How can you concentrate at work when you are over the moon with the prospect of going overseas tomorrow? Similarly, it is hard to concentrate when you are overwhelmed with sadness, bitterness, loneliness or confusion.

In short, strong emotions can take over your ability to be functional, happy or successful. Furthermore, as you have probably experienced, once you are in the grip of an emotion it is very difficult to snap out of it.

What This Website Offers

You do not have to be swamped by your emotions any longer. I have developed 27 tools that can help you to learn to manage your emotions better. You can learn how to become the person you want to be by behaving in the manner that you choose. You can feel happy, relaxed, calm or whatever you choose as you will be managing your emotions rather than they managing you.
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