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References & Testimonials

"I have been to a number of talks by Renée Mill on various topics. She is an inspirational speaker whose knowledge and insight into human relationships is enlightening. She is thoughtful in her approach, professional in her manner and wise. She is an excellent practitioner, who is passionate about her work"

Laura Kampel-Lees
Clinical psychologist, wife, mother

"I have worked with Renée Mill for over 8 years both in the corporate and in the practical world. Rene?'s work is practical and meaningful and so easy to implement into all situations. The results are astounding and life altering. Renée gives numerous everyday situations that people can relate to; she appeals to us to continually work on ourselves as oppose to looking for solutions in others.

If a person is committed to working on themselves and accepts that hard work is required to make changes in ones life then Renée's work is life changing. I highly recommend her as a practitioner and all her programs."

Sharon Aaron
Wife, mother, personal trainer specialising in women

"They say: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" . .. Well I say: 'Regular sessions with Renée Mill alleviate the need for a calming pill!'

"Renée's emotional maturity teachings help keep all those negatives emotions at bay, making you emotionally stronger to cope and deal with situations and the pressures of everyday life. She has taught me so much!

Cherrise Levitan

"Renée Mill is an outstanding person. Her clarity of thought and wisdom allow her to teach deep spiritual ideas to her students and audience in a way that is easy to comprehend. She has a unique style of lecturing as she combines her psychology background with her grounded spirituality. Her classes are always captivating and she is always well prepared and professional.

"What I value most about Renée is her ability to hear questions and understand what it is that the person really is asking, and within her answers explain what it is that the person really needs to know.

"On a personal level I find Renée to be a very kind and sincere person who has a great deal of personal awareness. She is an exceptional human being."

Jodie Lowe
doola, massage therapist

"Wednesday morning is such a treat, Renée's Emmett Women's group is a highlight of my week. She teaches & facilitates with such warmth, sincerity and wisdom. The diverse group varying in age, background and religious commitment all adore Renée who brings out the best in them while teaching them how to be their best."

Di Kuchar
Wife, mother, teacher

"I like the person who comes across through (Renée's) words. Unusually useful advice.."

Sarah Shapiro

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