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What Renée Mill offers to GPs

I believe that I have solid understanding of mental illness, physical illness and the ripple effects both have on independence in living, relationships, sexual function and self esteem.

I have kept up to date with the latest evidence- based therapeutic techniques and continue to do so. I always take a complete history and make an assessment of what an individual needs and whether I am the best person to help the patient. I have no problem referring a patient to a colleague whom I believe is better qualified to help.

Renée Mill's Areas of Competence
  • Depression
  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Adjustment disorder
  • Unexplained somatic complaints
  • Sexual disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Bereavement disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Mixed anxiety and depression
  • Neurasthenia
  • Sleep problems
  • Hyperkinetic (attention deficit) disorder
  • Enuresis (non-organic)
  • Mental disorder, not otherwise specified
Renée Mill's Services
  • Psycho-education. I do this individually or in groups
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
    • Behavioural interventions such as behaviour modification; exposure techniques; activity scheduling
    • Cognitive interventions such as cognitive therapy and thought stopping
  • Relaxation strategies- progressive muscle relaxation; controlled breathing. Recordings are made for the patient to take home and utilise daily.
  • Skills training - problem solving skills and training, anger management; social skills training, communication training, stress management; parent management training. I have developed courses for each of these so that patients can learn new skills in a structured, measurable manner.
  • Interpersonal therapy
Renée Mill's Eligibility to provide items

I am registered with the NSW psychologists' board. I am a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Clinical Psychology. Therefore patients whom I treat are eligible for the specialist rebates.

Renée Mill's Fees

I generally consult with a patient for an hour in my rooms in Edgecliff, NSW. The scheduled Medicare fee is $138.40 and the rebate from Medicare is $117.65. I will bulk bill if I have an instruction from the GP that the patient cannot afford the full fee. Patients are required to pay with cash or a cheque after each session and then claim a refund from Medicare afterwards.


As an experienced clinician, I am very aware that each patient is an individual with unique needs. I like to work closely with their GP to provide optimal treatment. I love feedback and collaboration and am flexible, willing to adapt treatments where necessary.

Ongoing Association

I will be writing a free newsletter for GP's with current items of interest in the field of mental health. It will be a short, simple way for you to stay in touch with what psychologists are saying. You can register your email address to receive these newsletters in the column at the left of this page. Your details will remain private and respected. If you visit my main newsletter subscription page you can also register your address to receive printed pamphlets if you prefer that method of delivery. You may, of course, remove your address and details from our mail list system at any time you like by using the unsubscribe links in my emails or visiting this website.

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