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Team Engagement Revisited
While I do see the value of teams interacting outside of work tasks and have experienced the good feelings that come from drumming together, there is no evidence that there are long term bottom line benefits. Managers I have worked with have expressed to me their difficulty in getting the best results from their teams on a daily, weekly or monthly basis even after employing team building exercises ...

Self Efficacy and Mastery
It soon became clear to me why these parents had sought out my help. Ben, it appears, is a timid six year old boy who does not like to try new things. He is reluctant to play ball games at school. He stays at his mother’s side at a party until he finds a friend that he knows. He frequently puts himself down, calling himself “stupid”. When faced with a new reader, he will not even try the new words and Tina has to sit with him and read out loud first. ...

Bullying or Banter?
Two months ago Belinda and Mike Smith* consulted with me about their son Peter. They were concerned about Peter as he had complained to them more than once that he had been bullied at school. After the second complaint, Mike had contacted the school to voice his concern. The school's response infuriated Mike as he felt that the headmaster was unhelpful and even unsympathetic to his cause...
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Adults Who Act Like Babies
It's no wonder McDonalds is as successful as it is; they've got their advertising psychology down pat. And I should know. I'm a psychologist. Take their latest ad, for example, where you see a 'child' emerging from the body of an adult to queue up for a hamburger and fries. The slogan says something like, 'Spoil your inner child'. Boy, those advertising guys are on the money...
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Is Praise Helpful?
Most parents today understand that having good self esteem is a vital ingredient of their child's success at school and in friendships. Penny* and Mark* were no exception when they consulted me about their daughter Jessica* They told me that from a very early age they had tried to build Jessica's self esteem and yet, at age seven, she clearly still lacked confidence...
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The Worker Who Cried Bully
There is no doubt that the awareness of the existence of bullying in the workplace, and its deleterious effects on the health and well being of employees, has been a major advancement. However, the ongoing discussion of bullying behaviour has led to the word bully losing its true definition and becoming the favourite description for all unpleasant behaviour at work...
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