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Commencing Wednesday June 2, 2010

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Here is what just some of the positive feedback parents who have previously completed the parenting course with René have given:

"Outstanding tools and framework to model whole home environment and relationship with child. Practical, logical, 'implementable' and focused on the positive. Made me consciously aware of the positive way of doing things... "

"Fantastic in making me think about myself and my behaviour, both with my husband and with my child... The course showed me encourage self-esteem in my child, uniting with my husband in parenting while still appreciating our different approaches"

"Very valuable, gave me tools to work with from a very young age, to avoid or be better able to deal with difficult situations when my son is older... I learnt that setting family values and being a united front, to minimise punishment, to educate and think before I act"

"The course provided a wealth of knowledge on how to develop the right behaviours and avoid resulting punishment with great tools, techniques and real life examples"

"Reassures me of how to handle certain situations. Also shows that most of us parents are like 'textbook cases'... "

"The importance of this development in our child and the awareness for myself as something to pass on and build was most informative... "

"Have gained more from these 6 weeks than I could have ever dreamed of. The course really has been life changing..."

"Very informative and useful. The presentations are excellent and the content was delivered in a very interesting way."

"So much good information the course could be longer..."

Course Overview

This parenting course is a comprehensive course which will teach you how to be a happier, more effective parent. Too often today, parents focus on "getting their child to behave" and act in response to their child's misbehaviour.

Renée Mill teaches that good parenting is much more holisitic than that. She will teach you how to gain the cooperation of your child without tears or anger. She will also teach strategies that will have a long-term effect on your child's behaviour.

Learning these strategies while your child is under 10 years old will save you from years of frustration and heartache.

Do you experience some of the following issues with your child?
  • My three year old refuses to brush her teeth.
  • My two year old writes on the wall.
  • How do I get my 4 year old to go to sleep? He keeps climbing out of his bed.
  • The only thing my child listens to is a smack.
  • Both my children are picky eaters. Must I make different dishes for us all?
  • Every time I talk on the phone, my two and a half year old starts screaming at her sibling.
  • Getting my son out of the bath is a nightmare.
You are not alone. These are common issues that parents of children aged 1 to 10 years experience. Renée Mill has been working with parents for the past 26 years and has successfully run courses for literally hundreds of people using her methods. These methods are tried and tested, and easy to apply.

It is strongly recommended that you come as a couple, and do not miss any of the evenings as they contribute to a holistic method of parenting rather than isolated topics.

1. Self Esteem of the Parent
Yes, you read it correctly. Not only is tackling self esteem levels in children essential, it is also essential for you.

2. Team Work
Working as a team is vital for cooperative children. Everyone needs to be utilising the same techniques for them to be effective.

3. Happy Homes
Learn how to create a home that is non-chaotic and will lead to positive growth in your child.

4. Self Esteem
Building your child's self esteem will not only help him or her to succeed, but will also contribute to pleasing behaviour.

5. Play and Do
Effective ways of getting your child to cooperate by effective communication, fun activities, role playing and taking action.

6. Punishment
Does punishment work? If so, what types of punishment get the desired result?

Course Details

6 Evenings, from 8pm to 10pm
starting Wednesday June 2, 2010

at Bina
45 Bellevue Rd,
Bellevue Hill
NSW 2023

Cost: $520 per person
5% discount if registered online by May 26, 2010

Medicare rebates and health fund rebates available.

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Further enquiries, contact Lisa 02 9328 5899 or via email - click here

(conditions apply)

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